Show Pigs

Schenken Genetics has devoted themselves to producing elite show pigs that can compete at the highest levels. Throughout the past several months Schenken Genetics has spent countless hours and driven thousands of miles compiling some of the nation’s best females from breeders that need no introduction. We were dedicated to building our program from true breeding programs that WIN!!! Every breeding program that is successful year in and year out is built around great females. Once you read through these genetics and the breeders behind them, you will know we believe in our females. Simply put, I will put our females up against any set in the country.

Foundation Females

Foundation Females

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Amped UP

Amped Up is the $45,000 Champion Yorkshire boar from the 2016 Summer Type Conference. He is not only a genetic powerhouse, but he beat out all other Yorkshire boars with ease at this years power packed show. Being bred by Stohlquist he is a barrow sire supreme, but with all the Ricker blood running through his veins he will sire gilts that can not only win at the highest of levels but move any herd forward. If you like them cool looking, square, sound, powerful, and moderate Amped Up is a must use boar. Owned with Thompson Brothers Genetics. Call Thompson Brothers for semen as he is one very popular boar. 740-808-1041

The Natural

The Natural is a boar we purchased from Stewart Durocs. To say we like using and believe in Stewart Durocs would be an understatement. I do not know of a breeding firm that has produced more Duroc boars that breed on and have made an impact on the Duroc barrow industry or the Duroc gilt industry than Stewart Durocs. The Natural got his name simply because he came right off the slatted flooring on regular feed and looks like he can win any barrow show in the country. This guy is moderate, has awesome square muscle, sound, and one cool looking boar that maintains body and rib. You CAN have pretty, powerful, and soundness in one package and The Natural has that. If you are serious about making your Duroc barrows better The Natural is your man. He is proof great ones don't need all the fluff and fit. I have him housed at RAR Genetics. Give the Abbas guys a call at RAR for your semen needs. 319-269-0097 or 319-239-7282





Breed: Exotic
Sharp Dressed Man X Colt 45 X Old Goat X Hillbilly Bone
Bred By: Ty Stikeleather
Owned with: Olsen Yorkshires
Stress Negative

Achieve is the product of the first gilt ever purchased through the Heimer Hampshires Achieve program bred back to Sharp Dressed Man. When we saw this creature in the Chosen Ones sale we knew we needed to get the scoop on him. Everyone we spoke to including Jesse said this boar was the real deal and at that point we knew he needed to come to Texas. Achieve is as good as his billing and so much more. This guy is incredible in his structure having massive flat bone while maintaining ultra clean joints. His flexibility literally allows him to go all day. Achieve has a massive skull, blade, and forerib while maintaining the ultimate show pig look. He carries his head high, opens up into a massive chest and body cavity, and continues the width and power all the way through to the tip of his tail. When Chuck Olsen visited the farm this past spring he could not stop admiring Achieve. Needless to say, we are now partners on the boar and he is housed in South Dakota. Achieved pigs are by far the best to ever start here at Schenken Genetics and we believe that is no accident. Study his pedigree, study, his picture, and you will see he combines royalty on all sides. I have not seen many like him in all my years of raising hogs.

Semen is available through Olsen Yorkshires.




Voyage X Ultra
Breed: Yorkshire
EN: 107-6
Registration Number: 577782006
Bred By: Thompson Brothers

Money is an exceptional Yorkshire boar in terms of his depth of body, huge flat bone, and has what many Yorkshires don’t, a perfect ham-loin junction. Money will fix a lot of problems in the Yorkshire breed. His first set of babies have been uniform, easy to feed, while being ultra-powerful in their skeleton. As a mature boar, Money has maintained excellent toe quality and near perfect set to his rear hock. At Schenken Genetics we are committed to structural integrity, and Money maintains this commitment. This Yorkshire boar is sure to be Money!